Hospitality and tourism: restaurant (reservations)


Here are all three setup pages (timetables, services, weekly availability) associated with the previous simple reserve page. Ideal if your tables have roughly the same size. In combination with payments in advance (5 euro for dinner, see below) you have a good and simple system. If you enter all your dishes instead of the "Dinner" service at the second page (services), you show your menu online. At the bottom page (weekly availability) you can set the availability for each table. As example, the first table is only available for lunch, and table six is not available on Fridays. You might also enter extra tables only available during weekends.

   scheduling software: reservations

   scheduling software: reservations

   scheduling software: reservations

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Reserve a table online for our restaurant to have a lunch or dinner.

How do online payments work?

First of all, you choose a payment service. This payment service takes care of the online payments and has an online account, similar to a regular bank account. At any time you can transfer money from this online account to your own bank.