Theater, venue, meeting room, events (reservations)


Use our scheduling software to make online reservations available for your theater, concert hall or festival. You can make each performance, each day, or several performances or days available for reservations. Use online payments in advance to pay the full price or a part of the price. To speed up the reservation, choose not to ask your customer for an entire address. Each reservation has a unique code which you can use to identify your customers on spot. Consult us for sending tickets, or for showing an up-to-date list of your events on your website as well.

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Book your ticket online here for our weekly shows.

    Settings for during scheduling appointments or bookings:

  • which personal data to ask: none, address, telephone, insurance settings, etc.
  • show a textfield with notes or not (extentions are possible)
  • start time every 10/20/30/60 minutes with/without overlap
  • cancellation time (how long in advance, or how long after creating the appointment or booking)